On February 9, 2017, the Ventura Police Community Foundation hosted a fundraiser to raise money to redecorate the Soft Interview Room at the Ventura Police station. After seeing the current state of the room, Foundation members felt it was extremely important to create a safe and inviting atmosphere for victims of crime to have a comfortable place to be interviewed by our Ventura Police Officers and Detectives.

The fundraiser, titled Soft Hearts, featured speakers recounting personal & traumatic experiences that required the use of this room. Redecoration of the room began on March 3. The room now complete, is painted a soft sage green with an ocean theme and has an adjacent family waiting room in a complementary hue. On the walls hang ocean artwork and a handmade quilt lovingly made and generously donated by 2 local quilters. Blankets are on hand to give to those who need the extra comfort of something warm and soft and electronics are available for family members to help pass the time.

The Ventura Police Community Foundation would like to express its sincerest gratitude to all those who donated to this project including Major Crimes Sexual Assault Investigator Nick Edwards whose passion and commitment to helping others transformed a mundane room into a welcoming environment for victims to interact with officers.

We would also like to thank the detectives of the Oxnard Police Department Family Protection Unit whose own Soft Victim Room, as well as their advice and encouragement, offered motivation & inspiration to help make the Soft Interview Room at the Ventura Police Department a reality.



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